Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Funny thing happened on the way from the Funeral

Packed car parks in the afternoon an hundreds of black clad old biddies homing in on the church like beetles can only mean one thing in San Jose - Funeral!

'Who's dead?' i asked Xicu in the supermarket.

'Pep des Puig,' he replied, 'lived up the back here, had a carpenter's workshop, was always in Can Bernat. You'd know him if you saw him.'

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Two Sides of a One Sided Match

Everybody sees things from a different perspective, especially if it's something they're really passionate about. Not with me yet? Don't worry, here's the perfect illustration using 'The Greatest Game,' Rugby.

Here's a Wigan fan's view of a cup match against Saints

And here is a Saint's fan's view of the same tie

Almost identical aren't they?

Rock, Tapas, Beer and Photos

I went out to San Jose's Beer, Rock and Tapas fest on Wednesday armed only with two hands to investigate if it was possible to drink beer, eat tapas, and photograph rockers all at the same time.

 As this blurry shot of the Good Ol' Blues Mafia Boys shows, the answer was a resounding NO. Nevertheless I'll be going along again today to try to establish conclusive proof of my findings