Thursday, 19 April 2007

Hit The Decks

In an effort to be all modern our sunken garden by the barbecue house is having a facelift courtesy of Dean the carpenter (0034 690 058 741) who's putting some ultra trendy decking in for us. There'll be more tales of Dean when I get round to it but here's a little photoboard to give you a taste of the progress...

Another day and it'll all be finished.......and the story so far (9 May) is that we only have to paint the wall white and have the spotlights fitted into the decking.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Pep's Meadow

If you've only ever visited Ibiza in summer you'll be extremely surprised to see the photos I took today. Our summers are so hot and dry that everything apart from the pine trees withers and the white dust that covers all gives the island an almost flat monochrome look. There's been so much rain this year that almost overnight Ibiza has become carpeted in lush green vegetation with flowers of all hues in every corner. Walking Marli up the lane I did a double take as I saw our neighbour Pep's meadow. Well why waste words when a picture speaks a thousand.....
So without further ado here are my photos.