Thursday, 21 October 2010

Credit Crunch

Have you ever noticed that when you just spent 20 minutes crunching numbers into your phone's keypad giving every conceivable detail about your credit card, the first thing the real person that you eventually get to talk to asks is, "what's your credit card number?" 

What's that all about?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Art in Rome

Blog-o-philes may already know that my record with works of art isn't that good. Every time I step into a gallery it's the day when they're changing all the exhibitions and all there is to be seen are blank walls or workmen scratching their heads.

So it was with some confidence (you can see where this one's going) that Jaki and I set off for the Santa Maria del Popolo church in Rome where Caravaggio's upside down crucifixion of St. Peter has been hanging in the Cerasi Chapel since 1600.

It had been taken down for restoration and was propped up, upside down against a wall under the glare of glaring arc lights. So just our luck, but we did get to see Caravaggio's right way up 'Crucifixion of St Peter.'

Later we went to the Holiest of Holies, the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, HQ of the Roman Catholic Church and home to Michelangelo's ceiling featuring a central depiction of the Creation of Adam. You'd think that after 500 years it would still be there, and you'd be right, and we were absolutely gobsmacked into silence. Not by the fresco, but by the rubbish on the floor that some knobheads had left. We couldn't believe that anyone could be so thoughtless and disrespectful!

So now, every time I think of the non pristine sistine, instead of

all I remember is this

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fashion Ibiza

Have you ever noticed that when you see a fashion model in a glossy magazine and you think 'wow, I like those shoes!!'

and then you read on and it says, Nigel Hall denim jacket (Ebay £3), Nigel Hall linen shirt (Ebay £1), Gap linen cargo trousers (Ebay £2) and shoes (model's own). What's that all about?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Do You Know the Way to San Jose

Fortunately the driver of the number 8 bus did and dropped me off in the car park just round the corner from the 'View from the (Ibiza) Villa' villa.

I had my trusty phone-vid with me during the journey and took this bus' eye view of the village from Xicu's supermarket to the car park.

 There's an observation quiz that goes with the video............. Can anybody name the two restaurants and two bars which we pass on the left during our brief journey??